The main feature of this website is to give information about the authentic material on Vedic Dharma. It is called Vedic Dharma because its authoritative Scriptures are called Vedas.  Vedas are not the properties of any 'isms' or cult etc; instead they are the universal knowledge revealed to the humans by the almighty himself. The purpose of this website is not to criticise any religion or person but to bring the words and wisdom of Great Scholars, Seers, Saints, etc. for the inspiration of the present generation. None of the philosophy or the teachings are mine; instead they have been taken from the teachings of the ancient Rishis and Scholars. The name of the books referred is given in the Reference section.

Vedas are 4 in number, namely, Rig Veda, Sam Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. In general the topic of Rig-Veda covers various fields of knowledge (eg. Knowledge of running a country, forming a society, state etc.). Yajur Veda covers the topic of duty (eg. towards your country, parents, environment etc.). Saam Veda covers the topic of Upasana or prayer or accepting the authority of the Creator of Universe, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Just, Merciful, Unborn and Endless entity known as God and referred to as ‘AUM’ – pronounced as ‘OM’ (The best among all the names given). Lastly Atharva Veda covers the topics of Prakriti or Material Science.

Mantra to cherish:

"Prahi vigramstritmindram pricha vipashachitam. Yaste sakhibhya a varam". Rig Ved 1/4/4

“Sab manushyon ko yahi yogya hai ki pratham satya ka updesh karnehare Ved pade huae aur Parmeshwar ki upasana karnewale Vidwano ko prapt ho kar achi prakar unke sath prashnottar ki riti se apni sab shanka nivrath kare; kintu vidhyaheen murkh manushya ka sang wa unke diyae huae uttaron me vishwas kabhi na kare”. Rig Ved 1/4/4 (hindi translation)

It is appropriate for all humans that firstly they should contact and learn from the knowledgeable persons who have read Vedas and always preach Satya (absolute truth) and clear any misconceptions or query by reasoning the meaning with them. However, they should not remain in the company of stupid or ignorant persons and should not believe in the answers given by them.